About Me

Who is Max

I am a man born in Andorra and actually living in France. I started my life as a cook and now making my way through the IT world. It is a great experience and a daily challenging field.

What makes Max

A lot of coffee ! I need it in a daily basis. Nevertheless I love Spanish ham, French cheese and having a walk around, if there is a Mountain you should find me there.

Max’s Project

I’ve made some projects, not all of them are public. But my main one is to play with all the IT tools, frameworks, OS’s and Infrastructures.

  • SwitchPort monitoring tool in Python
  • Custom WebApp for Doctors (Gesdoc), but none of them was interested. Project abandoned.
  • Exploration of the Andorran Internet.




Help, documentation



Ongoing developments

Known bugs

  • Liars
  • Thieves
  • And a lot more !
  • not for production …
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