Please take a look at my book available at Gumroad.

This book will explain the cooking in all its simplicity. Starting from recipes and basic techniques to allow you to free your imagination and realize your best culinary works. It is a reference book for anyone who wants to embark on a better mastery of this Art on a daily basis. Yes, before entering in the world of IT I was a cook !

The author has worked with the greatest chefs and studied in the best cooking school in the world.

I did this book like the one I would have loved to have when I started in this field. Things are simpler than we think, we just need to have the right way of thinking the field. That’s the purpose of it.

French Version : La Cuisine Facile

Here are some of the dishes you could learn to prepare.

  • The pasta is a survivor knowledge.

  • What about a simple potato Gratin ?

  • Or just a bit of lamb ?